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Learn 6 Proven Strategies to Create New Revenue from Your Parking Asset


Many hotels leave money on the table when it comes to charging for parking. But how can you maximize your parking asset without impacting guest satisfaction? 

View our exclusive webinar, hosted by Towne Park, as we discuss proven strategies to maximize your parking asset while promoting a convenient and easy guest experience. 

You'll learn how to:

  • Effectively evaluate your parking asset as a revenue source
  • Promote an easy and convenient guest experience
  • Leverage market trends and industry metrics for responsive pricing and optimization
  • And More!

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Speaker: Joshua Miller 


Joshua is an experienced leader in the hospitality industry, and has a proven track record of helping hotel managers and owners drive revenue through innovative parking solutions. He has worked with some of the top hotel brands in the industry. Joshua will share his expertise and insights on how to leverage your parking assets to maximize profitability and enhance guest satisfaction.

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